Full Moon Farms Mission Statement

To help people to reconnect with nature and bring ceremony back into their life.

Adding resins, sage and herbs to your ceremonies will not only add new dimensions and enhance the effects of the ritual, but bring the higher qualities and vibrations to the event.

The sacred smoke carries messages to the spirit world. The spirit of the plants and their medicine allows us to see life more clearly and inspires divine insights.

We always work with the most earth friendly wild crafters and suppliers we can find.

A percent of all are proceeds go to help children, families, & animals in our community.

Blessings and love to all, Wendy and Steve Hillyer Full Moon Farms, LLC

A Word about Our Feathers

We get our Peacock tail feathers from friends and family that have peacocks. Peacocks shed naturally every year during the molt. But they also lose feathers during the year.

Both the tail and wing feathers are from turkey. A friend and her family hunt them for food and they utilize every bit of the bird.

The pheasant are from friends, family and their friends who raise them for their eggs and for food. The rest is collecting what comes off naturally.

With anything that I make, I ask for guidance to work with the animal and herbal kingdoms in great honor for what they give. I honor their spirit with love and gratitude.

Everything we sell we work with people who are very conscious with the environment and how they wildcraft what we buy. And from companies that feel and care the way we do. This is who we are.

The feathers are a small part of our business. We create the smudging feathers and fans because they are a sacred part of the smudging ceremony.

Our Terms & Conditions

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